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Greg Dostatni

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Greg is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in higher education. Starting as a developer, he worked on software to manage Search and Rescue incidents ans urban crowd movement simulations. He has a background as a DBA / System Administrator working with Oracle and PostgreSQL in Solaris and Linux. Greg has later transitioned into building and managing applications and services for a large university in Canada, including designing developing and managing large shared database environments. Greg is committed to using technology to solve problems both at home and in professional setting.

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Effective lock management is important for any database’s performance and stability. This presentation offers an exploration of some pitfalls and solutions to the Lock Manager challenges related to large, high performance environments.

We begin by examining how table inheritance can multiply the number of locks, and how that can affect performance when dealing with more than 10,000 locks. We will present quick way of converting inheritance based partition into native partitioning scheme. The discussion then extends to native partitions and how locks can affect data archiving and partition management on a busy system. This session then explores the impact of toast tables on locking.

Join us to learn more about PostgreSQL’s Lock Manager challenges when running on a large, busy database. We will go over some practical queries for detecting and resolving these issues.

2024 April 18 14:00 PDT
50 min
San Pedro
Postgres Conference 2024