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Postgres Conference 2024

The marquee Postgres Conference event for North America is back and being held at the San Jose Hilton in early 2024. Join us for a refreshing, educational and inclusive event where the mission is People, Postgres, Data. Postgres Conference provides unprecedented opportunities for users and experts of Postgres and related technologies to come together. We represent the best in class in educational, networking opportunities and ecosystem connection. We are looking forward to seeing you there, get your tickets today.



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Some of our speakers


Jignesh Shah

Amazon Web Services

Software Development Manager
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Kobus Wolvaardt

Goodx / Quant Solutions

Janwieck carricature 400x400

Jan Wieck

Principal Software Engineer
Peterc cropped

Peter Celentano

AWS - Solutions Architect

Specialist Solutions Architect (PostgreSQL)
Hyperbade noborder

Shayon Sanyal


Principal PostgreSQL Specialist Solutions Architect
Untitled auto x2

Ibrar Ahmed


Principal Engineer
Img 2317 edit 5

Tatiana Krupenya

DBeaver Corp

Sundar raghavan

Sundar Raghavan

Amazon Web Services

Sr. Manager , PostgreSQL Specialist SA

Aaron Cutshall


Principal Data Architect
Charly batista 2

Charly Batista

Percona LLC

Postgres Tech Leader
Screenshot 2023 04 20 at 1.28.33 pm

Chirag Dave


Principal Database Solutions Architect
Screenshot 2022 08 24 133740

Chandra Pathivada


Sr.Solutions architect

Dave Stokes


Technology Evangelist
Bsa1oz5w 400x400

Denis Magda


Head of Developer Relations
Ryanb 512 sqaure

Ryan Booz

Redgate Software

PostgreSQL Advocate
Pz photo conf

Peter Zaitsev

Percona, Coroot


Bohan Zhang

OtterTune, Inc

452 profile

Yurii Rashkovskii



Robert Bernier


Senior PostgreSQL Consultant
Display pic

Sai Srirampur

PeerDB Inc


Jonah Harris



Curt Kolovson


PostgreSQL Contributor

Perren Walker


Enterprise Architect
Trjenk id image

Tracy Jenkins


Database Solutions Architect

Biren Shah


Senior Database Reliability Engineer
 mg 8551 cropped

Gwen Shapira

Nile Platform Inc


Billy VanCannon

Baffle, Inc

Director of Porduct Management
Dhawan v 6408 2 01

Varun Dhawan


Senior Product Manager

Frits Hoogland


Database Engineer
Jan cartoon

Janis Griffin

Quest Software

Senior Database Consultant
Tim profile pic

Tim Steward


Global Principal Data Enterprise Architect


2024 has the most awesome program ever! See rock-star speakers cover the topics of


Looking for the differences in your data. by Tatiana Krupenya

Managing at scale Postgres version upgrades with minimum downtime by Jignesh Shah

Postgres in Dockers on ZFS by Kobus Wolvaardt

Zero-downtime Postgres Major Version Upgrades by Biren Shah

Good bye sequences, hello Snowflakes by Jan Wieck

Achieving High Availability (HA) in PostgreSQL: Strategies, Tools, and Best Practices by Ibrar Ahmed

Unraveling Multi-Master Replication in PostgreSQL: Architectures and Solutions by Ibrar Ahmed

Cloud Native PostgreSQL - Running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes by Peter Zaitsev

Zero Trust database access with DBHawk by Manish Shah

Becoming a PG_STAT_* (star) by Chirag Dave

Beyond Boundaries: Mastering 2-Level Encryption Migration in PostgreSQL by BAJI SHAIK

Advanced strategies for PostgreSQL Lock Management by Greg Dostatni

Moving MongoDB Workloads to Postgres by Peter Farkas

Cloud-native Postgres observability: from client apps to underlying cloud resources by Peter Zaitsev

Elevate your DBA toolset with pg collector by Mohamed Ali

Postgres in the Containers Era by Alvaro Hernandez

PCI-DSS on Postgres Encryption and Database access by Billy VanCannon

Monitoring PostgreSQL: Navigating the Landscape of Metrics, OS and Hardware Relationships, and Toolsets by Charly Batista

Exploring Linux memory usage and IO performance with PostgreSQL by Frits Hoogland

Working With The Citus Extension by Robert Bernier

Why We Put GPUs in the Database by Montana Low

RAG Masterclass: Simplify your data infrastructure with in-database NLP using pgml and pgvector for Retrieval Augmented Generation by Silas Marvin

Scaling PostgreSQL: Navigating Horizontal and Vertical Scalability Pathways by Ibrar Ahmed

We like to Move it, Move it!: Migrating production systems between databases by Tim Steward


pg_hint_plan – get the right plan without surprises by Amit Chauhan

Harnessing the power of Postgres for GIS by Avinash Dalvi

JSON and analytics in Postgres using index and columnar. by Gleb Otochkin

Omnigres: Postgres can do WHAT? by Yurii Rashkovskii

What does it take to build a first class data movement tool for Postgres? by Sai Srirampur

PgCompute: Creating Stored Procedures the Developer Way by Denis Magda

"Behind the Scenes: Demystifying Transaction Isolation in App Development" by Chandra Pathivada

Schema Evolution - The Hard Parts by Gwen Shapira

Building GENAI Applications with OpenAI and PostgreSQL by Varun Dhawan

How can you measure PostgreSQL portability? by Drew Stevens

Local-first application architecture using Postgres logical replication by Conrad Hofmeyr

Bounded and Unbounded Data for RAG Systems: Postgres Is All You Need by Samuel Hu

Pushing boundaries with extensions, for extensions by Yurii Rashkovskii

How can we make pg_dump and pg_restore 10 times faster? by Sai Srirampur

A high-level introduction to the query planner in PostgreSQL by Richard Guo

Enhancing OLTP Systems with pgvector: Best Practices in Database Design by Shayon Sanyal

Database DevOps: Options for Test Data and Database Change Management by Ryan Booz

The Future of MySQL is Postgres by Jonah Harris

PostgreSQL with OpenAI: Building and Monetizing Generative AI Plugins by Denis Magda

PostgreSQL architecture considerations for application developers by Peter Celentano

Vector Search in PostgreSQL using Different ANN Algorithms by Gleb Otochkin

Better materialized views in 1 million LOC: Inside Materialize's PostgreSQL source by Frank McSherry

Transparent Application-level Encryption with Postgres Trusted Language Extensions by Rajan Palanivel


The Postgres Advantage in AI Enterprise Workloads by Patrick Mottram

Do You Know A CID From An OID Or An XID? A beginners guide to the alphabet soup found in and around PostgreSQL touples. by Dave Stokes

MERGE() - A Quick Introduction by Dave Stokes

Reducing Costs and Improving Performance With Data Modeling in Postgres by Charly Batista

Open Source At A Crossroads by Michael Meskes

Mastering PostgreSQL Partitioning: Supercharge Performance and Simplify Maintenance by Ryan Booz

Troubleshoot PostgreSQL performance by use case by Wanda He

Accelerate Oracle to PostgreSQL migration journey - top 10 challenges and mitigation by Sameer Malik

Optimizing for Excellence: Advanced Performance Tuning Techniques for Aurora Postgres by Dane Falkner

Top 5 PostgreSQL Query Tuning Tips by Janis Griffin

PostgreSQL Partitioning: Beyond the obvious by Chirag Dave

Why PostgreSQL Isn't Utilizing Indexes: Diagnosing and Solving Performance Issues" by Chandra Pathivada

Postgres’s Type System by Guyren Howe

Transaction Isolation in Postgres by Gwen Shapira

Discover the Power of PostgreSQL's Modularity and Extensibility by Perren Walker

Securing Postgres for use with GenAI by Min-Hank Ho

Model your data before you move it by Clay Jackson

Use Cases for Multi-Master Distributed Postgres by Phillip Merrick

The Accidental DBA by Clay Jackson

Enabling New Operational Use Cases with PostgreSQL by Frank McSherry

Everything you want to know about Postgres autovacuum by Bohan Zhang

Conference Launch + Keynote by Zak Tedder

I implemented the first Vacuum Cleaner Daemon (the most "hated" thing about Postgres) by Curt Kolovson

Self-Managing Databases—If Not Now Then When? by Johann Schleier-Smith

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