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Samuel Hu

RisingWave Labs

A seasoned technical leader in software engineering, database kernel, data engineering, cloud infrastructure, AI applications, blended of technical and product acumen, team management, and business strategy.

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PostgreSQL, renowned as the world's most popular OLTP database, stands at the forefront of transaction data workloads. However, this presentation will elaborate on why PostgreSQL dominates in the realm of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems too, highlighting its versatility and ecosystem in handling not only bounded, but even further, unbounded data. The presentation contains a live.

  • For bounded data RAGs, PostgreSQL's extension pgvector simplifies the management of vector databases, where PostgreSQL's advanced querying and indexing capabilities are indispensable.
  • Transitioning to unbounded data, the Streaming Database emerges as a game-changer, together with PostgreSQL ecosystem it embraces. Fully compatible with PostgreSQL dialects, RisingWave extends PostgreSQL's capabilities into the realm of real-time data engineering. It offers seamless integration for real-time data transformations, joins, aggregations, and materialization, making it an ideal solution for dynamic RAG systems that require instant response to continuously evolving data streams.
  • This session will provide a clear perspective on how PostgreSQL, with its comprehensive ecosystem and the support of tools like pgvector and RisingWave, is uniquely positioned to empower both static and dynamic RAG systems, affirming its status as an essential tool in modern data management and AI applications.

2024 April 19 15:30 PDT
20 min
San Pedro
Postgres Conference 2024