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Zak Tedder

Command Prompt

Zak has been at Command Prompt for two years, developing his PostgreSQL and Linux skills with some of the best teammates in the business. His background consists of multiple degrees, one being in Psychology. Zak is a life-long learner who strives to connect with others on our journey toward self-actualization. He lives in Oklahoma with his wife, daughter, son, and a pug named Percy Jackson. Zak enjoys being physically active, playing chess, goofing off with his kids, and watching Luffy become King of the Pirates!

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Communication in the Tech world can be brutal. People are busy and things need to get done. All the tasks and moving parts can make it difficult to see the end goal or how it all comes together. This can also foster a very competitive environment, where Pug-eat-Pug and the last Frenchy standing wins the prize. However, there is a much faster and solid route to the goal: synergy. When all of the moving pieces are coordinated and function with the same purpose in mind, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

This is where teamwork comes in.

While one team is arguing about which direction to go, the one with synergy will be wrapping up the project. If you were working alone, could you get near as much done compared to working with a team? Not likely. So why do we find it so difficult to work with others? Probably because we are all different, but that can be a good thing. That means we all bring different strengths to the table. When these different strengths start working together harmoniously, that’s when synergy happens and results become practically effortless.

Who couldn’t be a better teammate? Join us to learn more about how cooperation can bring the best out you and your teammates, and gain some tools to make it happen.

2024 April 17 09:00 PDT
30 min
Postgres Conference 2024