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Phillip Merrick

pgEdge, Inc.

Phillip is a software developer, entrepreneur and technology executive with several decades of enterprise software experience.

Phillip co-founded EnterpriseDB (EDB), one of the leading commercial Postgres companies, and served as Chairman for the company’s first three years. During this time EDB became a big supporter of the Postgres community, and the company developed or supported the development of many enterprise class features in Postgres.

Other companies Phillip has co-founded and/or led as CEO include webMethods, SparkPost, VisualCV and Fugue. At webMethods Phillip helped pioneer technology that we now refer to as web services and web APIs.

Phillip is currently the co-founder and CEO at pgEdge (, a recently launched startup focused on fully distributed Postgres.

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Today’s modern applications must be always on, always available, and serve a global user base that demands fast response times. A fully multi-master distributed database architecture is critical for organizations to meet these demands. In this talk, we will explore the core use cases that benefit from deploying PostgreSQL with asynchronous logical replication in a multi-region or even multi-cloud environment.

Learn how issues such as slow response times, maintenance or provider downtimes, data storage requirements, and throughput can easily be addressed. You’ll see a live demo of how pgEdge distributed PostgreSQL can seamlessly be deployed to improve data latency and high availability as well as address data residency requirements.

2024 April 17 14:00 PDT
20 min
Postgres Conference 2024